Friday, October 31, 2008

Wanna See My Boo Bees

Can you identify this photo?

It's hard to believe the Tulsa Run has come and gone.
I had a great run. Shaved 10 minutes off last years time.
That's a minute a mile faster. My time was 1:48:57.
Not too bad for a fat boy. I met me a new friend while there.
I do not know if it is a he, a she or a combo of the two.
Mile splits: 10:48, 11:16, 10:46, 11:20, 11:27,
11:20, 12:13, 12:47, 13:00 (Denver hill).

Mondays 4 miler with Susan, Michael and Ken went well.
We will be running around Zinc Lake starting next Monday
due to daylight savings time ending this weekend. If anyone
wants to join us give one of us a shout.

Tuesdays 4 mile run seemed to go by fast.
10:34, 11:43, 12:28, 11:12.

Wednesday Susan and I went for a casual 8.5 mile bike ride
on the west side. If you have never biked over there I highly
recommend it.

For a little fun on Halloween I thought I would show you my
Boo Bees.

Thursday night we had a Halloween fun run staring at
RunnersWorld Tulsa. It was a blast. We ran down Peoria and got
lots of honks and stares from people eating at their favorite
Brookside restaurants.
I think this is the first time I have dressed up for Halloween since
I was 12 years old.

Tomorrow is our last long run. 22 miles.
I am looking forward to it to see how well (or how bad
I do). I hope everyone running tomorrow has a great run.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nice Weather for a Run or a Bike Ride

Today went bicycle riding with Susan and Christin.
Rode 5 miles, stopped for a picnic, then rode 5 miles back.
Christin and Susan enjoying sandwiches.

Christin, Bobby and Susan.

Susan and Christin just outran the train.

I think I can, I think I can.
Christin pedalling up Turkey Mountain.
Susan gave up.

You're almost there Susan. Keep going.

Our last 5:45am Saturday morning I went running with the RunnersWorld group. We had another great turnout. Some of us went 10 miles others went 11, 12, 13 and more. Many ran further than they ever have before. Congratulations on your accomplishments. I hope everyone keeps running after their upcoming events. Kinda getting used to seeing everyone. Ed, Russell and I stuck together on our run. We had a strong 10 miles. Our average pace was 12:35. Here is our mile splits: 12:18, 12:10, 12:50, 12:11, 13:16, 13:14, 12:23, 12:55, 11:44, 12:52. Not too bad by this fat boys standards. Great job guys. Hope you are not too sore or too tired. I felt pretty good all weekend.

The city of Tulsa is launching a new web site on Tuesday where you can log your walking, running and biking miles. The goal is for the community to become healthier and to surpass one million miles within 12 months.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Great Weather for a Run

Our daughter is all grown up and
has become quite the independent
woman. Mother hen Susan can't
stand it and wishes she still had the
little chick to depend on her.
Daughter, we really are proud of you.

Now back to running.

Wow the weather plays a huge role in how a run goes.
Tonight ran 6 miles.
After 20 miles this last weekend 6 miles seems
relatively easy. I guess that is a bonus for doing the
long runs.

Ken and Johnny sure looked strong after their 100 mile
weekend. Roman kept up with them on the way out.
I tried but they were off in a blaze and I couldn't catch them.
Brian slowed to my pace for a little while and it was nice
visiting with him while it lasted. Linda and I ran back
from the turnaround then Roman joined in. We had a nice
run back to the store.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Last one in is a rotten egg

Dynamic Duo
(Ed and Bobby)

I guess I am the rotten egg. I was dead last coming in from
our 20 miler Saturday. But hey, I don't mind, I finished.
My 20 miler went decent. Strong for the first 10 miles.
Started going downhill from there. Struggled on the way back
but made it in close to my estimated time. As usual I started
out too fast then ran out of gas.

Ed and I pretty much stayed not far behind Team Bean.
Caught up with them at the top of Turkey Mountain (that
sounds impressive that we climbed a mountain). They were
soon out of site though. We stayed up with Rachael, Linda,
Jennifer and Tammy until the Jenks turnaround where they
activated their "Power Girl" powers and shot ahead. Never
seen them again from the Casino water stop until we got back
to the finish where they were still waiting to congratulate us.
Thanks girls, hope you weren't waiting long. Team Bean and
most of the others were still hanging around also. Thanks
for the encouragement guys and gals.

Did anyone else struggle with those stairs crossing Riverside
near 31st on the way back? Kinda made me feel like an old man.

Thank you Susan & Candice for being such great cheerleaders
and checking on us while we were out.

Thank you Dave for the course, the water stops and the chalk talk.

Ken, since you are running with me in the marathon here is my
one mile lap times (not counting brief stops) to give you an idea
of where I am at:

11:49 13:55 11:57 12:38 11:59 13:30 11:34 12:11 13:17 12:36
14:32 14:21 14:16 15:44 13:41 15:19 14:46 15:29 16:11 14:45

For something funny go here to see my campaign for President:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

6 keys to efficient running

Running Efficiently
Smarter Cardio
6 keys to efficient running

By: Matt Fitzgerald
Illustrations by: Headcase Design

Run tall
Gravity and weak core muscles cause many runners to "fold"
in the middle when their feet land. This sitting-down movement
wastes energy. Imagine that wires are attached to your shoulders,
pulling you up slightly. Thrust your hips forward a bit and think
"stability" when your foot hits. Running tip: It's easier to run tall
if you've worked your core properly; find core exercises here.

Tension in your arms, shoulders, neck, and face reduces efficiency.
Arms and fingers should be loose. Unclench your hands and let
your jaw jiggle.

Breathe right
Your breathing should be rhythmic and deep, and you should
feel your diaphragm, not your chest, doing the work. Exhale
with controlled force. When you pick up the pace, don't let your
breathing get shallow.

Land on the midfoot
A heel-first landing is a brake. It means you're extending your
leg out too far in front of your center of gravity, so it takes more
energy to move forward. And it's shaky, so your muscles are
working on stabilization instead of forward motion.
Running tip: Shorten your stride. It'll feel odd at first, like shuffling,
but once you get used to it, focus on thrusting backward with force.

Run softly
The louder your footfalls, the less efficiently you're running.
Try running more quietly; you'll be unconsciously switching to a
midfoot strike and a shorter, quicker stride.

Swing symmetrically
Check your form on a treadmill in front of a mirror. If one arm is
bent more than the other or swings more, you have a
musculoskeletal imbalance that can slow you down. Target the
weaker side with strength and flexibility exercises.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Solid Nine

Saturday had a solid nine miler. The course was mostly the Tulsa
Run course including all of the hills. Have you signed up for the
Tulsa Run yet? This was a cut-back week from last weeks 18 miler.
After 18 miles, 9 miles seems short and easy in comparison. Even
though these long runs are keeping me sore, my legs are starting
to feel really strong.

This weekend Susan and I joined the bicycling world. Now we need
to put "On your left" into our vocabulary.

My New Wheels

I noticed Ed is back. I seen his race results from the F3 Sprint
Triathlon in Claremore. Way to go Ed. Hope to see you out
running this week. How's that bunny slipper?