Sunday, February 22, 2009

Marathon Maniac #1372

I am now a member of the Marathon Maniacs InSane AsyLum.
Two Marathons and one Ultramarathon in three months:
Route 66 marathon - Nov. 2008 - Tulsa, OK
Sunmart 50k trail run - Dec. 2008 - Huntsville, TX
The DanMan trail marathon - Feb. 2009 - Madill, OK

Is that crazy or what?

I am cheering for the rest of you mad dogs out there trying to
become Maniacs.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My DanMan Trail Run Report

The day was about perfect to run a marathon in the woods.
This makes two marathons and one 50k in three months.
I am now qualified to become a marathon maniac.

I thought I would use this marathon to experiment with
Hammer Nutritions Sustained Energy, a Diabetic friendly
fuel. You use this as your primary source of calories for
events lasting for more than two hours. I also used their
Endurolytes capsules for my electrolyte requirements and
I made sure I kept up with water drinking. After finishing,
I topped it all off with a beer Ken gave me and with
Recoverite - used to begin glycogen replacement,
electrolyte replacement and muscle tissue repair.

I also took a Vespa prior to the start. Vespa is used to
encourage the muscles to metabolize fat, thus stabilizing
& conserving glycogen levels.
Available in Tulsa at RunnersWorld.

These are the only products I consumed during the entire
marathon and they worked for me. I never had any
cramping, stomach issues or the sugar spikes and crashes
you get with sugar laden products. I still got tired, but come
on, I was out there for 26 miles.

Map of the courses. (Click on image for a closeup).

Chrissy, Michael and Jason enjoying pancakes before
the run.

Lisa eating pancakes in her sleep. Since she is smiling,
she must have been dreaming about Jason.

Most of the TATUR's that were there. Missing is Ken
and Deon. They decided to get an early start. Dana was
still at the motel trying to nurse a headache. She later
joined up with us. We missed you Susan and Kathy.

One of the lakes we circled.

Same lake, different view.

I'm tired. I think I will stop and take a picture of myself.
How would you like to hunt or fish here?

Ken and Dana near the finish. The house in the
background was homebase where we started, finished,
ate, showered, drank beer, hung out in the man room
and visited with fellow runners.
Me, Dana and Marvin. Thanks Marvin for your nutrition
advice about the Hammer Nutrition products I am
experimenting with.
Some of my blisters. My feet are sore.

Another blister. Looks like I need a pedicure.
Nah. Wouldn't do any good. Sorry to gross you out.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wow! Saturday's run kicked me in the keister

Saturday's run was supposed to be a 12 miler but I cut it short
at 10. The weather was perfect at the start but soon had to
shed the sweaty jacket. I was already tired after the first half
mile. My hamstrings were already getting tight. My hamstrings
never get tight. Had I done too much during the week? Did I get
enough rest? Did the fall on ice Wednesday night have an effect
on me? Did the 71st street hill wipe me out? Did keeping up
with the crowd take its toll on me? Who knows? One thing I do
know is that I got dehydrated. There was plenty of water stops
along the route (thanks RunnersWorld) and I do carry a water
bottle, but for some reason I just didn't pay enough attention to
how much I was not drinking. I was wiped out and felt horrible
the remainder of the day.
Note to self: drink more while running!

mile 1 - 12:13
mile 2 - 13:34
mile 3 - 12:09
mile 4 - 13:00
mile 5 - 14:00
mile 6 - 15:15 (too much chatting at the water stop)
mile 7 - 14:48 (started walking here)
mile 8 - 14:23
mile 9 - 15:36
mile 10 - 15:15

Average pace 14:02 per mile.
Average heart rate 145 bpm (should be more like 120-137 bpm).

One good thing about the run was that my knees didn't hurt.
I have had sore knees for almost as long as I have been running
(two years) but especially my left knee has given me trouble since
a fall I took over a year ago. I have been going to Chiropractor
Dr. Zoellner for a couple of weeks because of lower back issues
and the pains of running. The other day he gave me an
acupuncture treatment on the left knee. It has been pain free
since then, even after the 10 mile run. Now I want acupuncture
on my entire body. Can they do that? Since I have never been a
fan of taking drugs to temporarily mask pain, I thought I would
take advantage of my insurance benefit and give Chiropractic
care a try. So far it has been a success with me. Thanks Dr. Z.