Sunday, October 11, 2009

What I did over the weekend

What I did over the weekend.

Did I sit around on the couch? No.
Did I run? No. But I did witness more miles ran than I can count.

I went to Cassoday, Kansas - the prairie chicken capital of the world in the “Flint Hills” region of South Central Kansas to cheer on and help crew for some the the RunnersWorld runners in The Heartland 100 - Spirit of the Prairie 100 & 50 Mile Cross Country Race.

Running from RunnersWorld Tulsa were the following:
Jason McGinnis - 100 miles, furthest run to date.
Kathy Hoover - 100 miles (5th 100 miler). Third place female finisher.
Ken Childress - 73 miles (he's completed six 100 milers).
Ken Saveth - 69 miles - furthest run to date.
Lisa McGinnis - 50 miles - furthest run to date.
Roman Broyles - 50 miles - furthest run to date.

Running with Lisa and Roman was Randy Ellis, what a guy.

Crewing and cheerleading from RunnersWorld Tulsa were the following:
Dana Childress - Crew Babe Extraordinaire crewed for her hubby Ken Childress and his buddy Ken Saveth.
Sandra Wright - Head Cheerleader crewed for Lisa McGinnis and Roman Broyles.
Susan Michaels - crew assistant for Lisa McGinnis and Roman Broyles.
(Sandra and Susan now go by the name "Crew Chicklettes").
Bobby Michaels - crew assistant for Ken Childress and Ken Saveth. Wish I could have paced you guys in the final miles.
Brian Hoover - Was there to lose a bet and to cheer everyone on (got that pink tutu fitted yet Brian?).
Christin Bennett - crewed for Kathy Hoover.
Russell Bennett - crew assistant for Kathy Hoover and pacer for Ken Childress and Ken Saveth in their final miles.

Crewing and cheering for Jason McGinnis was his mother and stepfather, his grandparents, one of his sisters, a couple of Uncles and an Aunt.

Congratulations to all the runners and thank you to all that helped and cheered. The weather was brutally cold for this time of year and very windy, yet everyone hung in there and stayed all day and all night with little if any sleep.

Roman Broyles, Randy Ellis, Lisa McGinnis, Earl Blewett

Jason McGinnis, Brian Hoover, Kathy Hoover

Roman Broyles, Lisa McGinnis, Brian Hoover, Randy Ellis

Lisa McGinnis

Ken Childress (aka Trail Zombie, K1), Ken Saveth (aka K2)

Lisa McGinnis, Randy Ellis

Roman Broyles

Ken and Barbie or is that Ken and Ken?

Dana's Oreo's with peanut butter and M & M's. Yummy!

Jason McGinnis, Kathy Hoover

Jason's mom, Jason McGinnis, Jason's grandfather, Jason's uncle

Lisa McGinnis

Jason's grandfather, Jason's grandmother, Lisa McGinnis, Jason's uncle

Roman Broyles

Sandra Wright, Ken Saveth, Ken Childress

Susan Michaels, Sandra Wright, Ken Childress

Ken Saveth

Jason McGinnis, Kathy Hoover

Ken Childress, Ken Saveth

Some of Jason's awesome family

Kathy and Brian Hoover

Jason's little sis, Jason McGinnis

Kathy Hoover

Jason McGinnis

Kathy Hoover

Jason and Lisa McGinnis