Monday, March 30, 2009

Tossing and Turning, Moaning and Groaning

Saturday was supposed to be a 20 mile long run but Mother Nature intervened.

Sure we showed up to run like the hardcore runners we are. We took a vote and the majority was to go ahead and run, but soon the cold rain started and soaked us to the bones. Then the cold wind started and made us even colder. Then the snow started falling. Most of us ran our first 5 mile loop and decided we would come back tomorrow for another attempt. Hey it’s spring, what’s this 6-8 inches of snow on the ground? It was a beautiful snow, just not ideal for running.

Sunday at 1:00pm several of us returned to Veteran’s park to try and finish what we started the day before. I for one was not looking forward to running because this is usually my one day of the week to take it easy and not do much. But I sure didn’t want to miss a long run after putting this much time and effort into training. I can’t believe most of the snow has already melted. Now we have puddles everywhere to contend with.

We normally have a full day off from running the day before our long runs but this time we had our failed attempt the day before. I was already tired before I started and my legs were sore. Off we went with plans of completing four 5 mile loops. The first loop I ran with Sandra. It was nonstop except for the water stops. Way to go Sandra. I think you are ready for your half marathon. The second and third loop was run with Linda. We kept each other going while complaining about our aches and pains. After the third loop we decided to call it a day. Thanks for sticking with me Linda. We got our 20 miles but it took us two days to do it.

Sunday night I was ready for bed. My sore muscles wouldn’t let me sleep. They kept me tossing and turning and moaning and groaning all night long. Don’t you just love this thing we call running?

See you Monday nighters tonight for more running. I promise it will not snow.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Part of the new trail is open!

Monday night running is going great. We had 10 out
tonight, twelve if you count the dogs.

Jason and Lisa with their cute dogs
Michael 1
Michael 2
Ken (Ken started when the rest of us finished. I think
he must have forgot to set his clock ahead).

The trail from 31st to 41st is now open so most of us
ran from 21st to 41st then back for a total of 4 miles.

New bridge just South of 31st street

Near the rugby field. Wow, they already have the lights
up. I wonder why it is taking so long to get them installed
along Turkey Mountain?

Tom done with his miles heading back

The two Michael's at the end of the open trail

Brian on a scavenger hunt or inspecting the new park?
Hum, maybe I could use that wood for my remodeling

We got in a little rock climbing tonight. Does that count
as crosstraining?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

16 miler done

Our sixteen mile training run is behind us now.
This was a nice out and back, mostly flat, from
Tulsa to Sand Springs. Isn't it something to be
able to say you have ran from one city to another.
We have ran from Tulsa to Jenks and Tulsa to
Sand Springs. Is anyone up for a run from
Tulsa to Skiatook?

Downtown Tulsa looked a long ways off at the turn
around but we all made it back in one piece.

We can now focus on 18 miles which is coming
up in two weeks. Think about it as being only
two miles further - piece of cake, right?

Somehow the weather seems to know it is the
weekend and of course it turned cold again.
I had icicles from sweat on my hat.

I didn't take as many pictures as I'd hoped,
but here are some of them:

Three Stooges Kathy, Chrissy and Michael

Natural springs west of 81st West Avenue.
If the water fountains don't work I guess you could
always get a drink here.