Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Night Runners

The weather was great for a December 29th.
We had 15 runners out tonight. 11 shown in the
first picture. Deon is by himself because he ran
double everyone else and missed the group shot.
Two others also missed the group shot and I failed
to get their picture before they left us. And myself,
the photographer filling in for Ken (Trail Zombie).
If everyone had been there we would have had
around 25.

We started off this past summer with only 3 or 4
of us running on Monday nights on the west side trail
at Turkey Mountain. When the nights started coming
sooner and sooner we had to move our running location
somewhere else because they still do not have the west
side trail in this area lit up. We moved to 21st and
Riverside and started spreading the word to other
runners to join us. Our Monday night group is growing.

Anyone looking for a group to run with on Monday nights
is welcome to come out and join us. Spread the word.

Others are running weekday mornings. If you would like to
run with them check out RunnersWorld Tulsa Google Group:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Is it too cold to run when it's 12°F?

Is it too cold to run when it's 12°F with patches of ice?
At least six people in Tulsa don't think so.

I sent out an e-mail today announcing our usual Monday
night run. To my surprise Ken and Michael responded
and said they would be there. Now I have to go.

Brian e-mailed and said he would come out if it were not
for a meeting he had to attend. I wonder if he would have
shown up in shorts.

Prior to going Ken called and said he was reminded that he
was eating at Charleston's. I wish I'd thought of an excuse
like that. I think I would have picked Charleston's over

Russell told me he thought about coming out to run til
he stuck his nose out the door and changed his mind rather

The hardcore runner's that showed up were Michael,
his wife Chrissy, her sister, Debi and Carmen.
It was terribly cold but once we started moving it felt fine.

The only thing that got cold on me was my face.
I carried my water bottle as usual. When I finished my 3 mile
run It had already started to freeze. For every one's info I think
the water fountains along Riverside are either turned off or
frozen so I recommend carrying your own water especially on
your longer runs.

Michael and Chrissy (Chrissy's sister was in the warm truck)

Michael, Debi, Carmen

Michael, Debi, Bobby

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunmart 50k Trail Race

I am not too thrilled about driving in Texas but Texas sure knows
how to put on an ultra marathon.

I finished my first ultra marathon at the 19th annual Sunmart
Texas Trail Endurance Runs 50k/50-mile race in the beautiful Piney
Woods of the Sam Houston National Forest at Huntsville State Park.

We drove to Houston on Friday where we were treated to an
awesome pasta dinner and was given our timing chips, race numbers
and a travel/duffle bag of goodies such as a shirt, hat, camera,
sunglasses, rain gear, mesh backpack, desk planner, etc.
Then we drove to Huntsville to sleep for the night.

Saturday morning at the park we were given a pre-race breakfast
of eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, juice, coffee plus other

Then off went the 50 mile runners. Forty-five minutes later it was
our turn, the 50k (that's 31 miles) runners to start. Ken Childress,
his wife Dana, Bob Lovelace and I decided to stick together for the
duration of the run to support each other. Off we went into the
woods for our first loop of 6.7 miles. We returned to the start area
where we refueled, rehydrated and took potty breaks. Then we
were off for our first of two 12.15 mile loops around Lake Raven.
Every two to four miles we had the best aid stations where they
had plenty of food, water and sports drink. Every aid station had
porta Johns (thank goodness we didn't have to keep sneaking off
into the woods).

As we tired, Ken and Bob had to keep motivating Dana and I to
keep on moving to try to reach a specific goal we had. Dana and
I kept telling each other that we was going to throw Ken into the
lake and make him gater bait. Rumor is that there is alligators

At the finish line everyone that had finished ahead of us were
waiting for us and cheered us on. What an awesome group of
friends. Bob had to finish a little ahead of us because of some
pains he was having. Ken, Dana and I crossed the finish line
together. We were awarded our finisher's medals and given a
finisher's jacket. Thank you Bob, Ken and Dana. It was pleasant
enduring this run together.

Food was waiting to be eaten after the finish consisting of
hotdogs, burgers, barbecue, potato salad, coleslaw and the best
macaroni and cheese on the planet. I like to eat.

After the race we returned to our rooms to watch the OU game.
After Susan and I knew OU had this one we decided to meet up
with about 15 of the TATUR's at a Mexican restaurant where we
had a nice pre-bedtime dinner. Way to go Sooners. We didn't go
around bragging because remember we are in Texas.

Sunday morning it was time to pack it in and head for the house.
I thought I would have a miserable ride back in the car, but to
my surprise it went pretty well. I was stiff every time we stopped
along the way, but no pain while driving.

Yes Coach Kathy, I will do another ultra.
100 miles? No! 50 miles? Maybe.

Hey man, got any vespa?

Yuck! Sweaty Bobby.

Thank you Texaco and Chevron for the fuel.

One of the trails.

Duh, start line.

Ken, Roman, Bobby, Susan.

Bobby, Dana, Ken.

Bobby, Jenni, Jeff, Lisa, Jason.

Coach Kathy Hoover.

Roman Broyles.

Dana and Ken Childress.

Bobby and lovely wife Susan.

Bobby pre-race.

Bobby after race.

Bobby, Dana, Ken coming into the finish.

Bob Lovelace coming into the finish.

Lake Raven pre-race.

Post race. I like to eat.

For more of the story and more pictures go here: