Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Susan

Happy birthday Susan.

Cheer up, you are only 48, and have a great day.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Way to go OU, OSU, TU and RunnersWorld

We all won yesterday (Saturday). If you came out and ran,
whether you had a great run or a lousy run, like me, then
you won in my book.

Wow, 18 miles in the history book. Only a 20 miler and a
22 miler to go before the big event. Hang in there everyone
training for the Tulsa Run, Route 66 or whatever event you
are training for.

My run didn't go as well as I had hoped but maybe that
means my next long run will be better. I thought I had
slowed my pace but apparently not enough as evidenced
by Kathy's clock and by the way I started to feel. By the
time I returned from the second 6 mile loop my back and
legs started stiffening and tightening. My stomach was
churning and my feet were getting sore and tired. I had
one more 6 mile loop to conquer when the mind games
started - you can't finish the third loop, you will never run
a marathon, you feel too terrible, where's the restroom
(glad I found it in time), where's Ed? But I didn't listen to
those voices in my head, so I took off on that third loop.
I'll admit I slowed to a walk several times on this third loop.
It took over an hour and a half but I got it done. I was glad
to see some of the other runners and Coach Kathy had stuck
around to see the last of us come in and give us encouragement.
She stressed that it didn't matter how fast you think you should
be going but the time on your feet is what counts. It was a
learning experience.

I didn't have my usual running partner Ed with me this time so
had to put in all those lonely miles with my shadow.
Ed is in L.A. (Lower Alabama) on business. I hope he is getting
some running done.

Paparazzo Ken was missing in action also. He was off fighting his
own battle, A 50k run in Kansas. He called me Saturday evening
checking on my days run and to give me encouragement.
Thanks Ken for the call. Keep an eye out on the Trail Zombie blog
for his race report.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tackled Them Hills

Wow! Those were some hills on Saturday compared to last
weeks flat course. I have overheard some of the other runners
saying they actually like some hills thrown in. I have to agree.
Even though it is tougher it kinda makes it more interesting,
challenging and a little less boring. So Kathy (or was it really Roman),
even though you gave us the hills you just might have went up in the
popularity contest with Dave. The weather was awesome.

The pace I am shooting for in the Route 66 marathon is 13:30/mile.
That will be a time of under six hours.

My average pace on my long runs up til now have been
8 miles - 13:52
8.5 miles - 13:10
7.5 miles - 12:18
9 miles - 13:35
10 miles - 14:12
8 miles - 13:08
12 miles - 13:59
6 miles - 13:19
14 miles - 14:33
9 miles - 12:57
16 miles - 14:19
8 miles - 12:43

Monday, September 15, 2008

16 Candles

No wait, that was no birthday party. It was no party at all and there
was no cake or 16 candles. Saturdays run was 16 miles of nuttin but
huffin and puffin and tryin to not blow chunks. That was a painful
run and the pain has hung around a couple of days now, but getting
better. The first 8 miles felt pretty strong. Then came the turnaround,
it felt like someone pulled the plug and my batteries ran down. Where
was the rain? I wanted to run in the rain. It finally came about 2 miles
from finishing. I loved it while it lasted. Coach Kathy tried to make me
feel better by telling me that we only have three more long runs til
our marathon. She forgot to mention they are 18, 20 and 22 miles
long. Can I make it?

My hat's off to Ed. I think he discovered the cure for a hangover.
He came out and ran 16 miles despite a hangover. I tried to stay in
front of or to the side of him because the word hurl came up a couple
of times. At some point along the run either his hangover went away
or the pain from running became so great that he forgot he had a

Sunday, me and the lone bunny slipper (you need to have been
following the RunnersWorld blog
to know what that is) went and helped run an aid station at the
Turkey & Tatur trail race.

The weather was awesome and there were many great runners
out. I wonder how they must feel after running 10k, 25k and 50k
distances on the trails. Hope everyone is recovering.

Monday took a one day vacation. Susan and I went and visited our
daughter at her work and then went and tried a place for lunch
recommended by Ed, Uncle Vinnys. We got a Stromboli and a large
pizza. Um, um good. Got leftovers for tomorrow.

Susan and I met Michael on the west side at Turkey Mountain and
got in 4 miles. Took it fairly easy and it felt good except now I need
to ice my knees. Noticed on the way home that Ken and Brian were
out on the trails cleaning up after the race. Great dedication guys.

Susan says to tell Ed that even though Uncle Vinnys is great food it
is not wise to eat there just a few hours before running.
I had no problems.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Apologies to Dave

We apologize Dave. Even though your course had some hills
slave driver Kathy has you beat.

In some weird way though everyone seemed to not mind
the hills this time around.

Was looking forward to what I thought would be an easy
7 miles after doing 14 last week. We ended up going 9.
It turned out to be relatively easy considering the hills.
I don't know what made it seem easy. Was it the cooler,
rainy weather? Was it because I am getting stronger?
Was it because I ran alone (Ed overslept) and I wasn't
trying to keep up with anyone? Or could it have been the
Casa Bonita food I ate the night before, magically fueling
me somehow? Maybe a combination of all of the above.
By the way, I do not recommend Mexican food the night
before a long run and Chili dogs do not work well the day
of any run unless you want the runs.

My average pace remained under 13 minutes.
If I can keep that up I will beat my estimated time of
6 hours for the marathon.

Coach Kathy promises a nice flat course for next weeks 16 miler.

How to dry your wet running shoes:
Stuff them with wadded up newspaper and set aside til dry

Got any pains? Here is a couple of recipes for
reusable ice packs:

3 cups water
1 cup rubbing alcohol
place in one gallon Ziploc freezer bag
shake to mix
remove excess air
double bag for leak tightness
freeze 2-3 hours

For smaller size use:

quart-size freezer bag
one-half cup rubbing alcohol and one cup of water

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Route 66 Marathon

Just signed up for the Route 66 full marathon.
What did I do? Am I crazy?

Wow what a difference a little cooler weather makes.
Tonight it was 70 something °F and I felt great for a

mile 1 - 12:03
mile 2 - 12:04
mile 3 - 11:49
mile 4 - 12:06
mile 5 - 12:05

How's that for consitency?

Can't wait to see what happens when it gets even cooler.

I think a challenge from Ed helped me out some also.
We went out together for the first 2.5 miles. He decided
6 miles was in his feet whereas I like to stick to the
schedule so was running 5. He said he would kick it up a
notch and try and catch up with me. He did make gains
because he made it back to the store not long after me but
he never caught up. Great job Ed but I will pat myself on
the back also.

My toes hurt!

Thanks Lisa Butler for speaking and RunnersWorld for hosting
the Trigger Point Massage & Relief for Plantar Fasciitis seminar.

Monday, September 1, 2008

14 miles with 12.2 to go

Milestone for the month of August: 102 miles

Monday went out with Michael on the west bank and got in 4 miles.
Got another 4 miles Tuesday with the RunnersWorld group.
Thursday evening started out with the RunnersWorld group and as
usual started out too fast and struggled for 6 miles with Ed.
Ed was kind enough to hang back with me. Thanks Ed.

Saturday ran (mostly ran) 14 miles, again with Ed. That's the most
mileage for both of us. We started with Deon but I guess our pace
was just a little slow for him so he inched ahead and was soon out
of site with his cousin Crystal. He and Team Bean were about a half
mile ahead of us at the last turnaround. We had Rachael, Linda and
Jennifer in our sites for much of the run, but eventually they got out
of our site also. The first 3 miles felt strong. Every time I looked at
my Garmin, our pace was between 12-13 min/mile. Sometimes a
little faster and sometimes a little slower.

Some points along the way I felt nauseous.

When we got done I was drained
of energy and really tired.
Didn't really hurt, just plain tired.

Did anyone else's feet feel like this?

This is not my foot but my feet felt about like this.

That's 28 miles for the week. Not 50, 80, 100 or more like some of
our fellow runner's, but hey, we are climbing up that mileage hill.

Charlotte, can't wait for your "Psychology and Running" talk.
I'm needing it about now, as I am wondering what the heck I'm
doing thinking I can run a marathon.


Psychology and Running..... What goes on between your ears
when you run? Charlotte Lindley, with Lifestyle Fitness
will be in RunnersWorld, Thursday, September 18th at 7:00pm
to talk about the mind games we play when we run and how to
eliminate the negative self debilitating chatter.

Snacks provided.

Please RSVP to